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Hall rentals are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Must be at least 18 years of age and organizations may book the hall. All rentals subject to approval by the Sand Hills Executive.
We accept cash, money orders, bank​guaranteed cheques, ​credit card, and etransfers, if there is less than 30 days between booking and rental date. Personal cheques are only accepted if there is more than 30 days between booking date and the rental date. A $45.00 fee ​will be levied against any NSF​ cheque
Cheques ​payable to:​ Sand Hills Community League​                        
The rental fee is to be submitted to Sand Hills between signing the contract & 30 days prior to the rental date; otherwise the contract is not considered complete and/or cancelled.
Damage deposit is to be submitted to Sand Hills upon signing the rental agreement, otherwise the contract is not considered complete and/or cancelled. Refund of the Damage Deposit will be calculated as defined under Termination of Contract.
If there are no damages, a cheque for the damage deposit will be processed within 10 business days of the completion of a satisfactory inspection.
Deductions will incur if any damage is done to and in Sand Hills while the lessee occupies it. Deductions shall be made from the damage deposit AT COST for repairs and replacement of any damaged property. The damage deposit will be returned after​ the completion of repairs in ​the event of damages. If damages to the facility are in excess of the damage deposit, the lessee is responsible to pay the remainder, to cover the full cost of damages to Sandhills.
Sandhills must only be used for the purpose and capacity for which it was rented. Sandhills may not be sublet, assigned or re-rented without the consent of Sand Hills Executive. The lessee shall make ALL attempts to take responsibility for Sandhills from the time they enter the building at initial sign-in until the time they leave upon final sign-out. AT​ NO TIME IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO ABANDON THE BUILDING UNLOCKED OR DISARMED. If Sand Hills is abandoned the damage deposit is automatically forfeited and further action may be taken.
The Lessee will comply with ALL safety, fire, health and liquor regulations.
No drinking of alcohol outside of Sand Hills building. Any alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages or cans left outside of the building will result in at $25 charge to be deducted from the lessee’s damage deposit.
The lessee must not allow more people into Sand Hills hall than the maximum capacity. The lessee will be responsible for any fines incurred should an inspection take place during the lessee’s event.
Smoking and the like is NOT permitted inside the building. The lessee shall be deemed responsible for anyone smoking in the building and subsequent fines and cleaning charges. Smoking is permitted outside. Proper disposal of butts is enforced; as such the lessee will be responsible for the use of designated ashtrays. Lack of enforcement of their use and subsequent debris will result in a $25 charge deducted from the damage deposit.
The lessee must ensure that Sand Hills  hall is left at sign-out in the same condition in which they found it at sign-in. Failure to do so will result in deductions from the lessee damage deposit. The lessee will need to ensure the removal of all their equipment and materials (including DJ/caterers/other) immediately after their rental event WITHIN the rentals allotted time.
At​ NO time is​ vehicular traffic allowed on walkways or grass, no exception in regards to delivery and/or removal of equipment and materials.
Perceived danger to the participants, guests, volunteers, and staff will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior on the part of the rental participants may result in the cancellation or cessation of the event at the discretion of the Sand Hills Rental Coordinator (or designate), without refund of the rental fee and damage deposit.
It is the lessee’s responsibility​ for making sure that the alarms are deactivated/activated properly. If Emergency Response Team(s) (police, fire, ambulance &/or security) arrive at Sandhills and it is deemed a ​false alarm,​ Sand Hills will deduct a $​100  ​charge​ for​ every incident from the lessee’s damage deposit.
Sandhills reserves the right to terminate this agreement based on Sandhills Executive directives and if the lessee is not complying with the Liquor Control Act, the regulations under the Act, as well as the policies of the Alberta Liquor Control Board and/or the RCMP.
In the event that the lessee MUST cancel the function, money from the damage deposit shall be reimbursed in the following manner:
60 days or more notice: 100% REFUND of  DEPOSIT
  Less than 60 days’ notice: Entire Deposit will be retained by Sand Hills Community League
Sand Hills Community League assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any and all injuries and damages to person or property, however caused, including all claims arising out of the dispensing of alcoholic beverages. Without limiting, the generality of the foregoing, the Lessee is fully responsible for any and all damages to the Sand Hills and its contents, however caused (with the exception of damages caused by natural forces), while the property and contents are in the Lessee’s care, custody and control.

 ALL DECORATIONS MUST be removed and disposed of properly. The lessee shall not attach any materials or hang items from the drapes or blinds. Painters tape and mactac are the only adhesives allowed for decorations. NO CONFETTI, rice, biodegradable confetti, etc. to be thrown inside or outside of Sandhills premises..
NO free burning/open flame candles are permitted.
Tables and chairs to be tidy, tape/paper/debris free. Chairs MUST be safely stacked on their proper roller frames & stored on the southwest side of building but NOT blocking the emergency exit doors. Tables are stored face down on the flat dollies in the same area. Do not drag the tables across the floor.
ALL floors are to be dry mopped/swept, wet washed, and free of tape and garbage.
Bathroom sinks, toilets, and floors are to be clean, all garbage in waste receptacle.
Kitchen (if applicable) and Bar sinks and countertops are to be cleaned. No food or beverages are to be left in the refrigerators. Stove and grill to be returned to the same condition as at time of check in.
Coatroom is to be cleaned and left in an orderly fashion. All clothing and/or footwear remaining will be donated to local charities.
Garbage is to be disposed of in the Sand Hills garbage bins located by the side entrance. Blue Bag recycles do not go into the garbage bin; they will be disposed of appropriately by the rental coordinator on recycling day. Beverage containers will be recycled and their value considered donated.
Exit doors are to be locked and secured and all lights are to be turned off before​ exiting the building during Weekend or Program Rentals.
All damage incurred during the rental are to be reported to the Rental Coordinator immediately/prior to completion of sign-out.
Failure to comply with the Rental Agreement rules, guidelines, regulations and responsibilities may result in the LESSEE forfeiting a portion or ALL of the damage deposit as determined by Sandhills Executives. Janitorial services may be provided at a rate of $100/hr per person​ if required. Arrangements and payment will be required prior to the event.

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